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Pen and Ink

Sand Dollar     © 2021 Jennifer Appleby

Starfish     © 2021 Jennifer Appleby

Unfettered   ©2021 Jennifer Appleby

Sea Anemone     © 2021 Jennifer Appleby

Barnacle    ©2021 Jennifer Appleby

Gig Harbor Lighthouse     © 2021 Jennifer Appleby

Gig Harbor Lighthouse.jpg

Mocha   ©2021 Jennifer Appleby

Camelia     © 2021 Jennifer Appleby

Huckleberry    © 2021 Jennifer Appleby

Grapes     © 2021 Jennifer Appleby

Currant     © 2021 Jennifer Appleby

Eden     ©2018  Jennifer Appleby

The Four Winds     ©2018  Jennifer Appleby

Amazing Grace    © 2020 Jennifer Appleby

Access     ©2019  Jennifer Appleby

What I love, as best as I can articulate, was the excruciatingly precise pen work used to depict images of pure whimsy - who does that? Your pen work is almost draftsman-like, scientific, Escheresque, but not predictable. Your work is clearly deliberate, yet random images land out of nowhere, like Alice in Wonderland, but somehow seem to belong. I loved how the scale of various things was never predictable, like on your draft, a rose on its side, which was the first image I recognized, which then set the scale, only to have a tiny ladder or a giant violin appear completely out of scale with the central image. I took delight at being tricked, like a twist ending to a movie. Your work is unpredictable, delightful, very deliberate and careful yet fanciful and carefree. I've never seen anyone capture so many aspects of a visual experience in one piece. And then the tiny bits of color on the black and white pen and ink pieces were like finding the raisin in a cookie - it felt like a giggle that set me on a hunt to find the next tidbit. As I searched, another feature would reveal itself, hidden in plain view by using an unexpected scale or perspective.


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